What Is Sudden Emergency Doctrine in Motor Vehicle Accident?

  • What is Sudden Emergency Doctrine?
  • When is this applicable?
  • Elements to prove medical emergency for a motor vehicle accident
  • How to deal with it?

What Is Sudden Emergency Doctrine?

When Is This Applicable?

  • If any unexpected item obstructs the road
  • Wild animals or domestic pets running into the road suddenly
  • A sudden movement of a vehicle in front or back. E.g., if the car in front skids unexpectedly on an icy or dusty road
  • If the driver suffers from a severe medical emergency such as seizures or heart attack
  • Sudden and unexpected pedestrian blocking the driving path of the vehicle

Elements to Prove Medical Emergency for a Motor Vehicle Accident

  • The timespan of the accident and the medical emergency of the driver
  • Total loss of control over the vehicle
  • Follow up treatment and previous medical history

The Time span of the Accident

Total Loss of Control over the Vehicle

Follow up Treatment and Unforeseen Medical Emergency

  • Immediate hospital care was given to the driver?
  • Diagnosis of the healthcare professional treating the driver
  • Does his/her medical history foresee the seizure?

How Can the Legal Helpers Help?




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Jayshree Makadia

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